Title: The Garden Wall

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The Garden Wall is an extension of your own garden. Plant & decorate to taste!

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Both the strength and beauty of a dry wall may be enhanced by using it as a wall garden. It may acquire a mossy and aged appearance simply by planting flowers, herbs, or ground cover in the soil in the crevices. A greater degree of color can be obtained, however, by planting any of several flowering plants, whose strong roots will serve the additional function of holding the wall together. Typical plants which may be used to good effect are: such flowering types as azaleas, alyssum, evergreen candytuft, heather, phlox, garden pinks, sedum. snowy rock cress, and creeping veronicas; such spreading plants as lavender, moss, phlox and hardy verbenna; small rosettes and little tufts that need sun and room for roots like sempervivium, dwarf iris, dwarf pinks and yarrow; and the plants you can grow from seed sown among the rocks such as bleeding heart, some ivies and varieties of poppy and phlox. Semperviviums, azaleas, prostrate junipers and dwarf azaleas keep a bank or rock wall green all winter.

Decorating the garden wall can be a challenge. You can choose from faux materials like fiberglass, copper or brass wall decor, and a wide assortment of terracotta decorative items, including plaques. Many bird feeders or bird houses are suitable for wall mounting. Our personal favorite, however are garden wall fountains. This is especially suitable for smaller yards, where a large stand-alone fountain just won’t work. Most modern garden wall fountains are self-contained, that is, they require no special plumbing. Water simply recirculates from the basin, up through the back of the fountain, and cascades down the decorative facade, back into the basin. The pump is normally the same class fountain pump as an aquarium pump. Two things to look for in the pump are speed and noise. Choose fountains whose pumps are variable speed and quiet. You want to hear the water, not the vibration of a low quality pump. Garden wall fountains can be made from many materials, but the most popular are made from fiberglass, cast stone, or copper.

In summary, garden wall is an extension of your own garden. Populate it with growth and decor that matches your own landscape plan and personality. And remember, the only “rules” are the rules you set!

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